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MCP Educational Consulting is a Philadelphia-based consulting company that supports a variety of educational needs. Services include building cohesive programming to align with the mission of a school, organization or business, curriculum and training assistance, and one on one and group guidance for students as they transition to different stages of their education. MCP aims to bridge existing gaps in programs, thus strengthening them, so that organizations can meet their goals and increase their impact.
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Melanie Pontz has been in the education field for 20 years, both as a classroom teacher and as a program coordinator. Before starting her own consulting business, Melanie worked at JEVS Human Services as an Educational Counselor, supporting a vulnerable population of students on their path from high school to college or career. Before that, Melanie worked at the Anti-Defamation League in New York City, creating and facilitating diversity curriculum for students and teachers across the city. In the years prior to the ADL, Melanie was an elementary school teacher both in Boston and New York, after receiving her Masters in Elementary Education from Lesley University. Melanie has her BA in Psychology from Duke University.

As a growing company, we are committed to creating new ways for our team to connect and develop new skills outside of the workspace. For our annual off-site, we partnered with Melanie to facilitate team-building activities. I was incredibly impressed with how she was able to take our vision for the day and make it a reality. It was clear from the planning phase to the live event that Melanie has a natural gift for leading and bringing people together. We are grateful that we were able to find such a wonderful partner to help bring our team together and look forward to working with Melanie again in the future.
-Lauren Ravitz, COO PearsonRavitz
Melanie has worked diligently to empower Anderson Monarchs student-athletes and their families as they go through the process of applying to and selecting high schools. She has worked closely with our staff to develop a curriculum that exposes youth and their families to the full range of scholastic options in Philadelphia, while also creating a manageable plan for success. Whether facilitating informational group sessions or providing individual guidance, she is engaged, organized, and caring. And she gets results: with Melanie’s help over the last two years, every 8th grader in our program has been admitted to a select-admission public or private school.
-Amos Huron, Executive Director, Anderson Monarchs
I have worked with Melanie multiple times for our company team-building events. The location, whether a venue or park, is never an issue for Melanie. Melanie is adaptable, has great connection with our employees and can utilize the surrounding environment into her activities. Melanie is professional and a pleasure to work with from initial planning to execution. I highly recommend Meanie and look forward to working with her on future outings!
-Nicole Belz, Elfant Pontz Properties

We have worked with Melanie several times and have absolutely loved her team building exercises and activities. Melanie has great insight, and each event has provided our team with actionable takeaways and food for thought. We find these events to be extremely helpful and plan on working with Melanie on an ongoing basis!

-Katey McGrath, Partner, Director of Operations. Elfant Wissahickon REALTORS



MCP does “soft skills” training for employees of businesses and organizations. Soft skills training topics include: Teambuilding, Diversity, Professionalism and Communication. MCP also offers guidance, curriculum and training on rebuilding teams for the post-Covid workplace.

Curriculum development

Does your curriculum need updating or a larger overhaul? MCP will meet with you extensively to understand your needs and work with you to design curriculum that supports your mission and vision.

Education Transition Planning

Do you or your organization need guidance in helping students and families make next step educational decisions? MCP facilitates informational group sessions as well as individual family meetings where a detailed plan of support is outlined.

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