Education Directed Philanthropy

Does your company give back to the community?

How do you decide where your time or money goes?

MCP can help initiate and maintain relationships with mission-fit organizations so that you can stay connected to where your time and resources go. When it comes to giving, relationships matter and MCP can help support that.

If your company has thought about giving back to your surrounding community but is not sure how to go about it, we can support you in your philanthropic goals. MCP has built relationships with numerous education based organizations across Philadelphia and is always looking for impactful work going on in our city.

Working with Melanie and Elfant Pontz has been an amazingly positive experience. The partnership is strategic, not transactional, and has impacted many parts of our organization and our work.
-Frances Hoover, Executive Director, Smith Playground
Melanie has been an amazing support to the work we are doing at We Love Philly. We appreciate her commitment to visiting our site, supporting our mission, and giving us the opportunity to speak at events that she is hosting in order to attract prospective supporters to our cause. She is thorough and is always around to be of service to others!
- Carlos Aponte, Executive Director, We Love Philly